We are Passionate About Law as Much as We are Passionate About Helping People

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We are Passionate About Law as Much as We Are Passionate About Helping People

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About Us

Founded in 2013, our firm prides itself in finding customized solutions for our diverse clientele. Our lawyers are understanding and passionate about our clients’ goals and objectives. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver effective, efficient and practical legal services to support the families and businesses that we work with.

Primary Areas of Practice

Civil Litigation

The lawyers at Mikhailitchenko law have experience in litigating for our clients. Given the complexities of the legal system…. Read More

Personal Injury

In life, accidents happen; and when they do, they can be emotionally, physically and financially draining…. Read More


At Mikhailitchenko Law, our goal is to aid in successful accomplishment of our clients’ immigration-related goals and objectives…. Read More

Wills and Estates

If you are looking to prepare a will or power of attorney, it is crucial to sit down with a lawyer who has the experience…. Read More

Contract Drafting and Review

No matter where you go, you are confronted with contracts. You need these for your business, in your dealings with other people…. Read More

Real Estate

Whether you are purchasing a new property, engaging in a commercial real estate deal, or selling an estate…. Read More

Setting Up and Maintaining Your Corporation

If you decided to incorporate your business, there is probably a lot on your plate. Share the burden by entrusting us the process of incorporation…. Read More

Our Lawyers

Maria Mikhailitchenko

Sophie Liao

Victoria Polyakevich


How and Who to Name as Your Trustee

The Trustee of your estate is the individual(s) whom you name in your Will, tasked with ensuring that all your assets and personal belongings are taken care of according to your wishes. The appointing of an individual in this position should take a considerable amount...

Why is My Home Not Selling?

Your house was listed on the market weeks ago without any offers coming in. This can be worrisome and anxiety-inducing, but it is helpful to know that, although a difficult situation, it is not uncommon. The usual time for a home to be on the market before you start...

Ontario Estate Legislation Changes

Proper estate planning is a critical component of taking care of your family and ensuring that your final wishes are known and can be carried out. Recently, however, there have been some significant changes and proposed changes to Ontario estate legislation that you...

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