Areas of Practice

Civil Litigation

Lawsuits are not easy or straightforward…there are pleadings to file, affidavits to prepare, discoveries to conduct and motions to argue. Each step in the process requires knowledge, skill and experience. The lawyers at Mikhailitchenko Law Office have the expertise to guide you through the process and recommend solutions that best serve your interests.

Personal Injury

In life, accidents happen; and when they do, they can be emotionally, physically and financially draining. They can also be life-changing. Whether it is a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall, biking accident or any other type of misfortune caused by someone’s negligence, our lawyers are here to help you through the process of claiming financial compensation for your losses. We strive to protect our clients’ rights and do everything in our power to advocate for fair compensation and justice.

We focus on protecting your rights and maximizing your compensation so that you can focus on your recovery.


At Mikhailitchenko Law, our goal is to help our clients achieve their immigration goals. Whether our clients wish to settle in Canada as workers, come to this country to study or sponsor their family, we are ready to provide up to date accurate legal advice and recommend best available options. We also provide representation for appeals at various levels.

We pride ourselves on addressing our clients needs and providing exceptional customer service.

Real Estate

Whether you are purchasing a new property, selling your home or selling/purchasing commercial real estate, real estate lawyer is a must. We recommend that you consult us prior to signing any purchase and sale agreements as we may be able to help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure your real estate transaction is as smooth and effortless as possible.

Wills and Estates

Everyone should have a Will to protect their assets, their loved ones and ensure that their wishes are respected after they die. Just as important in the modern world is the Power of Attorney, which ensures a trusted person is in charge of your health and property while you are unwell and unable to make decisions and/or handle finances on your own. However, many people do not have a Will or any Powers of Attorney, partly because they are intimidated by the process and difficult questions it may bring about. Other people are convinced that drafting a Will is unaffordable.

At our office, we strive to make the process of will drafting an affordable, thoughtful and positive experience. We work through our clients’ wishes and concerns and help them understand their options to create an estate plan that ensures peace of mind both for the client and their family.

We have experience in drafting and reviewing Wills, Trusts, Family Contracts (marriage contracts, domestic partnership agreements, separation agreements) and Powers of Attorney. We can also assist with estate administration and litigation matters.

Setting Up and Maintaining Your Corporation

If you decided to incorporate your business, there is probably a lot on your plate. Share the burden by entrusting us with the process of incorporation. We can also assist you with maintaining your corporation by preparing annual shareholders resolutions, minutes of meetings, as well as assisting you with the organization of your corporation (shares, shareholders, directors etc).

Decided to buy or sell a business? We can help! We offer services in drafting of purchase and sale agreements for businesses, as well as various shareholders agreements including changes of directors, shareholders and transfer of shares.

Contract Drafting and Review

No matter where you go, you are confronted with contracts. You need these for your business, in your dealings with other people, even in family matters. These can be complex and confusing. Don’t go it alone! We can help you to make sense of it all. We can put your thoughts into the language of a contract. We can also review and help you understand the contract someone wants you to sign. Whether it is a family matter, such as separation agreement, prenuptial agreement or domestic partnership agreement, or a simple commercial contract – we can help.

Your Needs Are Our Top Priority

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