How to Speed Up the Immigration Process to Canada

Immigrating to Canada isn’t easy, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, the process has become time-consuming and mentally draining for applicants. We get it. Our team is constantly being asked by clients how they can speed up the process and what they need to do to ensure that there are no delays.

Recently, with pandemic conditions in Canada, the immigration timeline has been further delayed, causing frustrations amongst many. There are huge delays being seen across most visa avenues, caused both by Canada’s internal system as well as other countries’ systems.

Around the world, countries have made it challenging to access vital services such as biometric exams and embassies, meaning that applicants face further delay with supplying required documentation. Now that more governments and countries are re-opening, the pandemic-caused delays have created a worldwide systematic backlog. We are seeing visa applications take many more months than their typical time estimations.

What can you do to speed up the immigration process?

While some delays are unavoidable, if you’re in the process of immigrating to Canada, there are some things that you can do to help speed up the process. The last thing that you want is to be a cause for any further delays.

  1. Provide all required documentations as quickly as possible.

    If you’re just starting your application, we will provide you with a clear and detailed list of documents that will be needed with your application. Make sure to keep a copy of all of your documents on hand. If they are not in English, you will need to provide certified English or French translations.

  1. Make sure that you are applying under the correct program.

    Canada has many visa streams for immigrants, which at times can be confusing. This is where an immigration lawyer can provide invaluable guidance. Each visa stream has different requirements that the applicant needs to meet, and the supporting documentation requirements also differ. If you’re not applying under the correct stream, your application will be significantly delayed. It will likely be returned to you, and you will have to start over with a new application. We recommend consulting with a member of our team at the beginning of the application process to ensure you’re applying under the most relevant visa stream for your circumstances.

  1. Misrepresentation

    Surprisingly, it’s not uncommon for applicants to leave out pieces of information, or even lie entirely. Not only will this cause severe delays with your application, but misrepresentation is also a criminal offence and will likely result in your application being refused outrightly. You could be barred from re-applying or even entering Canada for up to five years.

We always stress to our clients that while not all the immigration timelines are in their hands, making sure that it happens as quickly as possible is. Being organized and prepared with documentation can easily shave months off the immigration timeline.

What happens if your application is taking much longer than it should?

In this case, when the situation is appropriate, we can step in and file a mandamus application. This process brings your case in front of the Federal Court to request that the immigration authority make a decision on your application.

Please keep in mind, if delays caused by the covid pandemic are the reason you want to submit a mandamus application, this will not be accepted as an unreasonable delay.

The Mikhailitchenko Law Office is highly experienced in Immigration Law. Our team can help navigate you through the detailed process of completing and filing your visa application. Contact us today to find out how we can help you speed up the immigration process to Canada.