How to Draft a Will Virtually

The number of Canadians interested in creating a Will has significantly increased since the pandemic began. This does not come as a surprise. With all the uncertainty around employment, the economy, and healthcare, emergency planning is on everyone’s minds. Having a Will in place is one guaranteed way to protect your assets and your loved ones when you pass away. There isn’t a lot you can guarantee right now, but with a Will, your future is safer.  

Mikhailitchenko Law Office is prepared to help all clients draft Wills and Powers of Attorney from the comfort of their homes. We are happy to make this process easy and convenient while following all social distancing protocols. Here’s our process for drafting Wills virtually.

  1. Contact Us

To start the Will drafting process, get in contact with us on our website. We’re accepting emails, phone calls, and messages from our Contact Page. Let us know you’re interested in drafting a Will or Power of Attorney and someone from our office will contact you shortly.


Call:  416-307-2070

  • Arrange a Virtual Meeting

Many different technological tools make virtual Will drafting simple. To replace in-person meetings at the office, we’re conducting video call meetings. You may already be familiar with these tools from communicating with loved ones. Through our initial phone call or email interaction, we will set up a time for a video meeting.

If you’re not comfortable or familiar with the technology, don’t worry. We can walk you through the whole process.

  • Conduct a Virtual Review

During a virtual meeting, one of our Will drafting attorneys will conduct a review of your preferences and requests for your Will. They will cover topics such as guardianship for your children, funeral costs, an inventory of your assets, and other important features of a legal Will. Any paperwork that needs to be shared can be emailed or faxed.

  • Drafting the Will

You can leave this step to us. Our team will draft your Will and ensure it covers all necessary aspects of planning. We have many years of experience with Will drafting and pay special attention to our clients’ needs and preferences.

  • Virtual Signing

There’s no need to come to the office to sign your paperwork. Instead, we will send you a digital version of the Will for you to review and sign. We will also arrange for your witnesses to be present through video call when you sign.

There are a handful of different software programs law offices can use to enable their clients to sign paperwork digitally. We can walk you through this process if you’re unfamiliar with the technology.

  • Delivery of the Will

We will send you an electronic version of your Will or Power of Attorney. We can also have the physical copy delivered to you via mail or courier in compliance with social distancing measures.

If you’re interested in preparing your assets, valuables, and loved ones for the future, don’t let the pandemic stop you. Mikhailitchenko Law Office has all the tools and resources to draft your Will virtually and electronically. Contact us today to get started.