Navigating Family Disputes Over Inheritance

Losing a family member is always challenging, but it becomes even more painful when inheritance disputes arise. Unfortunately, it is a common issue that can cause a rift even in the closest relationships. Navigating disputes over inheritance can lead to lengthy court proceedings. Finding the ideal solution depends on each issue, but in this article, we look deeper into the best ways to navigate this delicate matter.

What causes inheritance disputes?

A relative dispute often arises when one or several family members have been left out of the will while others do inherit. Usually, these issues are taken to court if there is something worth fighting for. More minor inheritance disputes are typically more likely to be taken care of without going to court.

It is no secret sharing physical assets can be challenging. It becomes even more complicated when the assets are related to a working business. Especially if it is a family company, problems can arise when an individual is promised the inheritance but then is left out of the will.

Another common cause of the dispute is sibling rivalry. If one sibling is favoured more than others, it can lead to tensions. That can also happen if relatives do not get equal benefits from the estate. It is also tricky when the deceased hasn’t made a will. In this case, the succession laws apply, which may not always satisfy relatives who may have been closer to the deceased than their spouse or children.

Family relationships are complicated, so, consequently, dealing with inheritance is also not an easy process.

How to avoid fights over inheritance

To avoid potential family disputes, it is best to be proactive. Most feuds arise when there is no legal document to determine what the deceased had intended. Having a will or a testament can help avoid possible tensions. When there is a legal document with an explanation of whom should manage the estate and how the assets should distribute, family disputes are less likely to happen.

In your will, it is essential to be as detailed as possible. For example, if you know that a particular family member has an affinity for a specific personal item, make sure it is listed.

It is also critical to have open conversations. Although nobody likes to talk about dying, your relatives should know your plans, especially regarding the family business. Money conversations are always difficult, but they must be taken up regardless.

How to resolve family disputes

If it’s impossible to avoid the dispute, the least expensive option is to hire a professional mediator who can find solutions satisfying each party involved. If this fails, the next step is to go to court. Remember that handling these issues in court will cost you much more, and it can add even more tension and resentment between family members.

While, in some cases, it can give a sense of closure, it is best to settle these disputes outside of a courtroom.

Use the help of professionals.

Whether you are thinking about setting up a will or are dealing with inheritance disputes, having professional guidance can be helpful. Qualified attorneys can reduce the stress that comes with the process and advise the best way to move forward. Our lawyers at Mikhailitchenko Law Firm would love to help you! Contact us here.